Step 1 - Enquiry

After you’ve made an enquiry, a booking will be made for a Tag It 1st Technician to visit your workplace. Make an enquiry or request a free quote by filling out our form.

Step 2 - Visual Inspection

A visual inspection of all your electrical appliances is done first – to identify any obvious problems. The majority of faults are picked up at this early stage.

Step 3 - Machine Test

Our TNP500X will do a thorough test of what the human eye can't see. This includes a Polarity and Continuity test.

STEP 4 - Tag

If the appliance passes our testing process, it is fitted with a durable, non-reusable tag. If it fails any stage of the testing, the technician will consult with you as to the process needed to repair or dispose of the item/appliance.

Step 5 - Report

At the conclusion of our testing, you are provided with an in-depth report of all your tested appliances, and a certificate of compliance.


As part of our dedication to your safety, we will test 30 extra items you may later add to work place, at no extra cost.

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